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About Us


As the TAÇ Family, we are seeking to produce innovative and fashionable kitchen and tableware products by taking into consideration the expectations of our customer's desires and expectations with the latest technology.

We focus the best quality and perfect designs for each utensil that we produce in order to ensure to our customers cook the most delicious foot to their families.

We are continuously investing in R&D new technologies and R&D in order to keep our quality stable and deserve the trust of our customers.



Founded in 1960 in southern zone of Turkey, Taç did its first activity with rolling copper and aluminum. The next investment was the production of Aluminum Disc, which is the base of today's core busuness of cooking utensils.


With more than 50 years of experience, TAC now, has 2 metal cookware factories, producing pans and pots and one glass lid factory, covering a total area of 45,000 m2, a storage area of 18 000 mi, with 900 blue collar and 80 white collar worker in Istanbul, Turkey and manufacturing plants in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.


With the brands of TAC, AKSU and Vallena, TAC group of companies produces more than 2,5 M pieces of cooking utensils and 50% of the total production is exported from Europe to of the Middle East countries, North Africa, Russia and the CIS. From stainless steel (INOX) to non-stick, all types of cookware have been designed and developed in our factories and laboratories. The latest coating technologies are implemented according to international standards.


Ta has proven its quality in 2004 by continuously improving and challenging technologic investments and became one of the best manufacturer in Turkey.


The Taç kitchen combines 700 types of products in porcelain ranges, pans, stainless steel pots, granite and kitchen utensils. With 6 factories and hundreds of employees around the world, our brands continue to lead the industry and aim to make your kitchen more enjoyable.


Apart from the hundreds of retail points all over Turkey, Taç opened first outlet shop in STARCITY SHOPPING MALL.

For a brand, to set up retail points is the best opportunity do get in direct contact with the final customers. Above 50 franchise shops and 1 100 dealers all over Turkey, finally TAÇ took the decision to setup its own exclusive retail points in exclusive shopping malls to meet TAC users AND to fulfill the desires of them. After a long R&D process to improve the variety and quality of products, we, as TAÇ we reach the happiness to meet face to face with our valuable customers and enjoy to introduce them our wide range.

Export to
300+ Companies Worldwide

Our company cooperates with more than 300 companies selling our TAÇ branded products all around the world.

High Capacity
Production and Hundreds of Varieties

A large variety of Products with contemporary forms is manufactured seeking the cooking habits of every country in the world with the help of high-capacity factories.


Products are in your warehouse in a very short time. Thanks to Turkey's geographic location & logistics advantage, we can deliver our products to you in a very short time.